Tuesday, May 13, 2008

True Primary Colors (The Media Giveth, and Go Fuck Yourself)


My apologies for the crude link, I still can't figure out how to sexily insert them into words, and in fact I would have probably hyperlinked the word sexily.

I can feel the love for Carville already returning to me. I'd been really turned off by his dismissal of Obama for the last two years(!), though in fairness he never approached he Paul Begala levels of offensiveness ("I know chocolate is delicious, but it's bad for you"). Still, with his statements and advise in this article, I can be reminded why I so admire him in the first place, so much so as to even audit a course taught by the illustrious Cajun at my ghetto fabulous community college.

James Carville, in addition to being a hilarious and completely original character in the political scene, is a truly great Democrat. I can recall the ways in which he would cheerfully explain the value and supremacy of progessive ideas to all manner of students, the objectivity of A Survey in American Politics be damned. A Happy Warrior in the HH Humphrey tradition, and not a sick political animal in the Lee Atwater/Dick Morris mold.

Though I can get mad at my own mother for her blind loyalty, I can't really blame Carville for his continued support of Senator Clinton. He's been consigliere to the Clinton family for way too long to get wishy-washy now. As much as I'd love for him to grow a beard and put on some khakis and pull a switch like Bill Richardson, it's down with the ship and I admire that. Paul Begala will meanwhile remain forever trapped in a box on CNN, sitting in front of a fake plant in between two paintings of plants.

Some of Carville's advise is damn good. His ideas for running mates are more creative than I've heard pretty much anywhere, and though he doesn't mention my personal Tiger Beat obsession James Webb, it's just the type of thinking that will do the Obama campaign damn good in the general. He's just the type of Southern Democrat the party needs to thrive and grow. A little more ragin', a little bit less John Edwards.

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Justin said...

Bloomberg for VP is the most psychotic and awesome suggestion I've heard since Nam.