Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Perfect Stranger

You feel like you know these people, but you don't. You let them into your home more than anyone else, but they very rarely get inside you. Only the losses of the ones who've gotten under your skin feel like a wound. So this goes out to Heath Ledger, Suicide Rex of the moment, where ever and whyever he may be.

Ennis Del Mar will stay with me the rest of my life and is the reason why I took the foolish death of a total stranger to my heart. BROKEBACK already ruined me because of the ways in which I haven't lived my life to the fullest, but I'll be pulling out Santolalla's score today. If you haven't heard it on it's own, it's a beautiful piece of music and a very good thing to have handy. Though save it for when you're old enough to feel totally devastated. I'll be walking this morning, not in his honor but just one more thing to do than him. To buy a pack of cigarettes. Far be it from me to assess my own self-destructive behavior, yet. As I crest the hill down into the still dark town that guitar will very likely carry with it all the sadness in the world. Fuckin' movie stars.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Is There a Ghost?

I wonder what it feels like to actually live alone. I would probably like it a lot. The cat is already giving me looks like she's making other plans.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Power of Christ Compells You; or Norris Day and the Time

This is Michael D. "Jesus 'Lamb of God' Christ" Huckabee talking to a crowd in Michigan on the eve of tonight's primary. He believes we need to change the Constitution to meet God's Standard. How about that motherfucker changes his standards to meet the Constitution, an imperfect but glorious document that kicks the Old Testament's ass all over town? Up until this point I thought Huckabee was charming, but now I think he might be dangerous. So goodnight, that's all she wrote. He can't be allowed to come any closer to the White House than he is right now.

We probably should have known something was afoot when his greatest supporter is Chuck Norris, a man who has now fully bought into his own myth and makes joking reference to roundhouse kicking Osama Bin Laden. Hilarious! And yes, afoot and roundhouse kick, I did that on purpose.

He could actually be Sinclair Lewis's Buzz Windrip, fooling all of us with his folksiness. When Lewis said Fascism would be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross, but what he didn't know is that Mike Huckabee would be wearing the flag like a cape and using a Green Lantern ring to turn everything into a crucifix, because he's Christ Man.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Who Do I Want to Be President?

I realized tonight while listening to C-Span that who I support for President and who I want to be President are actually two completely different things. I'm quite the Obama fan, for his charisma and his vision and youth. I'd have been Obama Girl if I could have pulled off wearing tight underwear. But I don't know if I imagine him as President. Maybe it's just that I don't really consider myself part of this narrative but really just a snarky observer. I'll often say I can't wait until the Military takes over, and I mean it. Even if it does mean I'll be one of the first ones in a gulag, what with my foppish uselessness and my family history of Type-2 Diabetes. Only Wilford Brimley will be spared.

In the meantime, who do I think this country will elect as it's next President? A flashy dreamer or a comforting and not terribly exciting old man? The wild card is always this woman they're talking about, but are they actually allowed to vote? At the end of the day, look forward to our white-haired doddering old President, being carried around like the Pope. Have we done anything as a country to deserve more?