Thursday, September 4, 2008

Nothing to add. I just want this to be on every site in the universe.

One's Just a Little Smarter Than the Other

During Sarah Palin's speech last night, the camera kept cutting to her lovely family and her adorable children. Who of course are to be kept off limits except for photo ops. After weathering the creepiness of my mom talking about how handsome Bristol's baby daddy was, I thought I'd had my fill of them. But I'm a real fan of this clip of her daughter combing the hair of the baby. I am not actually aware of her name, but going on her siblings I believe it is probably Trapper. Holding aside questions of why a baby needs its hair parted, I just wish this had happened at a better time. If only she had brought up her belief in Creationism, while her children looked on, grooming each other like monkeys.


I usually don't watch MORNING JOE though I really should, because they play fantastic bumper music. Anyway, this douche bag just asked "Who's watching her children while she's working?" Are you fucking serious? If she was chosen in part to reveal sexism, and bait the media into chauvinism, it's working. Lawrence O'Donnell, you are officially demoted to my least favorite Irish guy on MSNBC. Don Draper called, he wants his era back.