Friday, August 29, 2008

Being President is Entirely About Character

Andrew Shepard for President. Apparently Keith Olbermann compared Obama's speech last night to Michael Douglas' address in THE AMERICAN PRESIDENT, one of the three greatest movies ever played on TNT (the other two being SHAWKSHANK and IN THE LINE OF FIRE. They also play CON AIR, but that can not be held within the bounds of media, and therefore is not quantifiable). I think there are similarities. Another analogy was Ali's rope-a-dope. Last night I think Obama turned around and started wailing on Foreman's head, in this case McCain. We'll see how this Palin choice ends up. I don't think Biden has to wipe the floor with her, he just has to dance like a gentleman. We can't keep letting these people lower our expectations to any semblance of competence is a victory. This one goes out to the douchebag with the Miller Chill on the floor, and also to the Mexican guy who had to clean it up, which I do feel bad about. Ain't that America.


Justin said...

Actually it was Tom Brokaw who brought up Michael Douglass. And he brought him up only in consequence of bringing up Aaron Sorkin. It was pretty sexy.

Justin said...

Also I'm watching Enough starring jennifer Lopez on TNT right now. This is most definitely in the top five.

Casey said...

The music was unfortunate there.

I should probably see that movie.

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