Monday, February 11, 2008

Old Soldiers Can't Stop the Beat

Bruce Springsteen is past the point of singles in the traditional sense, as radio won't play him anymore because he's not hip, also I'm sure politics has something to do with it. We'll take a moment to treasure the sublime irony of radio conglomerates refusing to play a song called 'Radio Nowhere' and then move on. It was indeed an excellent song, as my friend and colleague Justin discussed:

Still, this is probably the best 'second single' choice I've seen from anyone in a long time. Some people say it sounds an awful lot like Magnetic Fields and that's a fair point, but Stephin Merritt has never been interested in girls. This makes me want to want to purchase Magic immediately, even if I have to go to Wal-Mart. I look forward to singing along to this out of a convertible radio forever. Even with the twinge of regret, Bruce has rarely sounded so boozy, so charming, and so young since he actually was.

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Justin said...

Radio Nowhere may be a better pop song. It may not be, I can't decide.