Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A More Perfect Union?

Does this stem the bleeding? Is it even really fair to taint Obama with another man's words? Does anyone care about this outside the media?

The truth is though, he's running as a post-racial and post-partisan candidate, and it is a problem for him to be tied to such a radical figure as Jeremiah Wright. Not precisely racist, but surely racial. My father thinks it was a good speech, but not enough. I think it was excellent, but I've come to expect that from him.

Pennsylvania is still 5 weeks out. It'd be really nice if this insane loop could stop. I've never been more concerned for his candidacy. Did this do the trick?

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Jess and Josh said...

it's weird that my state means something in this election. i can't wait to get my absentee ballot and feel like i'm Making A Difference.

my dad loved the obama speech too. said he got a little teary. but he's from central pennsylvania where the hicks will surely vote for mccain, so anytime a black man stirs a nation he feels obligated to chime in on that shit.