Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Seeing the first picture, I was a bit wary. Who was that guy who looked a little bit like Darryl from The Office? When I found out it was Downey I was concerned. Having seen the trailer (which may be down soon from YouTube, if it is I'll try to replace), I think he's playing with some brilliant but still possibly dangerous fire. This movie has now shot up towards the top of my anticipated list. It's going to be a good August, with TROPIC along with BLINDNESS, THE PINEAPPLE EXPRESS and of course SISTER OF THE TRAVELLING PANTS 2.

Between this and IRON MAN I think it's time to christen this the Year of Downey.


Jess and Josh said...

sisterHOOD of the traveling pants! god get your stupid teen melodrama summer blockbusters right!

Marshall said...

Duly noted, but I like my title better.