Thursday, March 6, 2008

Prometheus Went Prematurely Gray

His retirement video is a five alarm fire, or so I hear, but I've not watched it yet. This recording however is the saddest and strangest piece I've heard from him so far. A man like Favre shouldn't have to explain himself. As strong a case as Eli Manning made, Brett is truly the Everyman quarterback. Few football players in this era have meant a damn thing to me. Bruce Smith because he was a composed warrior, Reggie White because he was cuddly and insane, John Elway because he was a goof and then suddenly he was upon you from all sides, and Brett because it was a distinct pleasure to watch him play. He's probably the most human player we'll see for awhile. Hercules was human too, or at least his mama was.

Take these guns from him, he can't use them anymore.


Justin said...

Clinton Portis, who somehow is amazingly articulate.

Casey said...

Gah, "meaningful" football players, not for me.

sports entertainment.

Randy Ballers only.

Marshall said...

Well you'll get your wish. And yes Justin, Southeast Jerome is my god now.